A JOURNEY of discovery

Europe, the “Old World” of wine making, is home of globally renowned wine regions with the very finest terroir, history, and heritage. Our Vinum Masters team of experienced sommeliers travels and tastes its way around the continent looking for undiscovered treasures, exceptional wines created by independent, small producers with a high care for taste and quality, that we bring exclusively for your enjoyment.

Join us in the journey, and discover and taste the fine winemaking Europe has to offer.


Often called the “Old World”, Europe is home to some of the most famous and most prized wines in the world. Centuries of winemaking heritage, tradition and technology are blended with unparalleled savoir-faire to create some truly exceptional wines. This is what our Heritage Collection looks at.

Europe has always been the premier destination for the bon-vivant, especially for wine lovers. It takes time to make great wine. As the Baroness Rothschild famously said, “It’s easy to make great wine now, it’s the first 200 years that are difficult”. The flagship winemaking regions selected for our Heritage Collection are so special as the properties are often being looked after by the 3rd or 4th generation of the same family of winemakers. Vineyards which are taken over often take 10, 15, 20 years to really establish that bond between man and vine which ultimately allows them to make something truly special.

In the collection you will find red Bordeaux Haut-Médoc (France), white Bourgogne (France), Champagne (France), Franciacorta (Italy), Chianti (Italy), Greco di Tufo (Italy), Rioja (Spain) and rosé Côtes de Provence (France). Truly a selection to thrill every palate, to pair with any meal, and add a sparkle to any occasion.

We’re looking forward to accompanying you on your journey of discovery with Vinum Masters.

Photo by Tritium - Restored traditional cellar from the 15th century

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